IWF5320P - Comunicaciones Industriales

Industrial IP68 Outdoor Access Point Dual RF, Dual Band, 802.11 a/b/g/n
Main Features

IWF 5320P is the industry's first high speed outdoor point-to-point wireless bridge that aggregates dual-radio’s throughput for one link, unleashes the true potential of 802.11n and MIMO technology, delivers real throughput up to 400 Mbps (UDP) in the license-exempt 5 GHz frequency band. Remote locations where physical cabling is not possible can now experience the high throughput and low latency connectivity with IWF 5320P. With 20dBi MIMO patch antenna, the system is capable to deliver 200Mbps at 5KM distance. To support the bandwidth hungry triple-play (voice/video/data) applications, IWF 5320P implements the IEEE 802.11e based WMM function for 4 access categories QoS. Although the system delivers your valuable data over a very long distance over the public air, the wireless data link is protected by enterprise-grade security with 256 bit AES data encryption to ensure secured data transmission so user is free from eavesdropping. Housed in a die-casting rugged IP-68 casing and conformal coating, IWF 5320P is designed to withstand most extreme climatic conditions, making it the ideal solution for outdoor P2P applications. IWF 5320P also provides optional surge arrestor that protects against electrostatics induced by local lightning strikes. IWF 5320P P2P Pack is the all-in-one package program that customer can get everything needs for bring up the system – A pair of IWF 5320P and accessories including 20dBi MIMO antenna, low loss cable and surge arrestor.

Wireless Radio
-ŒŒ Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11n
(1) Available Frequency Bands: 5 GHz (802.11an)
(2) Operating Channels: 36,40,44,48,149~165
ŒŒ Channel Width:
(1) 20 MHz
(2) 40 MHz
ŒŒ Transmit Power: Up to 22 dBm
ŒŒ Modulation:
(1) OFDM (64-QAM, 16-QAM, QPSK, BPSK)
ŒŒ Receiver Sensitivity:
(1) 802.11an HT20: -73 dBm @ MCS15
(2) 802.11an HT40: -70 dBm @ MCS15
-ŒŒ Real Throughput (UDP): Up to 400 Mbps (maximum)
-ŒŒ Recommended Link Distance: 5 km
* Environmental factors and configuration parameters may affect link performance

-ŒŒ DiffServ/TOS
-ŒŒ IEEE 802.1p/COS
-ŒŒ IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN priority control
-ŒŒ IEEE 802.11e WMM

-ŒŒ Supports AES-256 bit data encryption over wireless link

-ŒŒ Web-based administration
-ŒŒ SNMP MIBII support (v1/v2c)
-ŒŒ Provides Event Log
-ŒŒ Supports System Log reporting to external SYSLOG server
-ŒŒ Utilities for system configuration backup and restoration
-ŒŒ Firmware upgrade
-ŒŒ NTP time synchronization
-ŒŒ Supports IPv6

Hardware Specification
-ŒŒ IP-68 weather-proof metal case
-ŒŒ Uplink Port: 1 × 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet with IEEE 802.3af PoE
-ŒŒ LAN Port: 1 × 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
-ŒŒ Console Port: 1 × RJ-45
-ŒŒ RF I/O: 4 x N-type connectors
-ŒŒ Identification mark: an orange mark is affixed in the bottom side of the chassis

-ŒŒ RoHS compliant

Package Content
-ŒŒ IWF5320P
-ŒŒ CD-ROM (User’s manual and QIG)
-ŒŒ POE-30G 802.3at adapter
* Specification is subject to change without notice

IWF 5320P-EU (P/N: 10T00532003X0)
IWF 5320P-US (P/N: 10T00532005X0)

Wireless Accessories
Arrester FT-RF:AR-0NM0NF06-NI (P/N: 7A00000066X00)
Dual Polarization-Directional 20dBi Antenna for 5GHz (P/N: 603ANT0012X00)
ŒŒLow Loss Cable, FT-RF: CA-F400NM0NM001M (P/N: 6023300109X00)
ŒŒLow Loss Cable, FT-RF: CA-F400NM0NM002M (P/N: 6023300110X00)

Pack Program
-ŒŒ IWF 5320P-EU P2P Pack (P/N: 10T00532007X0)
-ŒŒ IWF 5320P-US P2P Pack (P/N: 10T00532006X0)