IWF5210 - Comunicaciones Industriales

Light Duty Industrial Access Point Dual RF, Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n, 2/3dBi Detachable Antenna
Main Features

The IWF 5210 is a single radio Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n outdoor device with versatile functions which includes AP, Repeater, and CPE mode. Its rugged IP68- rated metal housing is weatherproof, pressure balancing, water-tight and rust-resistant, making it an ideal solution for deployments in harsh conditions, such as outdoor or industrial environments. When configured in AP mode, IWF 5210 operates as an AP station with wall-penetrating high-power signal and long-range coverage to serve Wi-Fi clients. Furthermore, IWF 5210 with multiple SSIDs is capable of acting as multiple Virtual APs (VAPs). By tagging the traffic from each VAP with a unique VLAN ID, it allows for segmenting a corporate network using VLANs to protect critical resource. In addition, the AP can be set up as a Mesh node by establishing multiple WDS links to bridge neighbor access points together. When operating in CPE (Client) mode, it provides the host device the Wi-Fi connection with roaming capability. CPE mode can also serve as Wi-Fi modem to receive wireless signal over the last-mile internet feed from WISPs. IWF 5210 can be configure to Repeater Mode allows it to help extend the range of your wireless network.

Wireless Radio
ŒŒ - Wireless interface: IEEE a/b/g/n selectable dual band radio operating in 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies
ŒŒ Wireless architecture:
- AP mode
- WDS mode
- Repeater mode
- CPE mode
- Modulation
ŒŒ Channels:
(1) USA: 1~11, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52~64, 100~136, 149~165
(2) Japan: 1~13, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52~64, 100~140
(3) Europe: 1~13, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52~64, 100~140
ŒŒ Data rate with auto fallback:
(1) 802.11a: 6 ~ 54 Mbps
(2) 802.11b: 1 ~ 11 Mbps
(3) 802.11g: 6 ~ 54 Mbps
(4) 802.11n: 6.5 ~ 300Mbps
Transmit Power: (with one stream)
(1) 802.11a: 16dBm@54Mbps ±2dB
(2) 802.11b: 25dBm@11Mbps ±2dB
(3) 802.11g: 22dBm@54Mbps ±2dB
(4) 802.11n 5G HT20 & HT40: 15dBm@MCS7 ±2dB
(5) 802.11n 2.4G HT20 & HT40: 21dBm@MCS7 ±2dB
ŒŒ Receiver Sensitivity:
(1) 802.11a: -89dBm@54Mbps ±2dB
(2) 802.11b: -93dBm@11Mbps ±2dB
(3) 802.11g: -91dBm@54Mbps ±2dB
(4) 802.11n 5G HT20: -83dBm@MCS0 ~ -65dBm@MCS7
(5) 802.11n 5G HT40: -80dBm@MCS0 ~ -62dBm@MCS7
(6) 802.11n 2.4G HT20: -85dBm@MCS0 ~ -67dBm@MCS7
(7) 802.11n 2.4G HT40: -82dBm@MCS0 ~ -62dBm@MCS7
Multiple Operating Modes
-ŒŒ AP mode
-ŒŒ WDS mode (WDS bridge): support up to 4 WDS links
-ŒŒ Repeater mode: Acting as AP and STA client simultaneously
-ŒŒ CPE mode (Clint gateway)

Gateway Features in CPE Mode
-ŒŒ IP sharing on the LAN side for multiple users (subscribers) to get access to the Internet by built-in NAT mode
-ŒŒ Built-in DHCP server for issuing local IP address
-ŒŒ Built-in DDNS/DNS client
-ŒŒ Uplink and downlink bandwidth management
-ŒŒ IP/Port forwarding and DMZ

Access Point Features
-ŒŒ Number of ESSIDs (Virtual APs): 8
-ŒŒ Number of associated clients: 128
-ŒŒ Setting for maximum number of associated clients
-ŒŒ Adjustable beacon interval
-ŒŒ Auto fallback data rate
-ŒŒ Support IAPP
-ŒŒ RTS/CTS and fragmentation control
-ŒŒ ACK timeout support
-ŒŒ Adjustable transmission power: 5 steps, 2dbm per step
-ŒŒ Wireless site survey: scanning the surrounding Wi-Fi signals
-ŒŒ Support IEEE 802.11e WMM and QoS

-ŒŒ Data encryption: WEP (64/128/152 bits), WPA/WPA2 with TKIP or AES-CCMP with key’s refreshing period setting
-ŒŒ User authentication: WEP, IEEE 802.1z, WPA-Personal, WPA-Enterprise, MAC ACL, MAC authentication using RADIUS with built-in 802.1X Authenticator
-ŒŒ Supports IEEE 802.11 mixed mode; open and shared key authentication
-ŒŒ Hidden ESSID: Enable/ Disable broadcasting SSID
-ŒŒ Station Isolation: All associated stations can not communicate with each other when function enabled
-ŒŒ Supports AES data encryption over WDS link
-ŒŒ Built-in Layer 2 firewall, blocking Dynamic ARP inspection & DHCP Snooping

-ŒŒ Web-based management interface with remote configuration management and firmware upgrade capabilities
-ŒŒ Utilities for system configuration backup and restoration
-ŒŒ SNMP MIB II support (v1/v2c)
-ŒŒ NTP time synchronization
-ŒŒ Watch dog: auto recovery while detecting system fault
-ŒŒ Syslog client
-ŒŒ Support Event Log and Syslog reporting to external server
-ŒŒ Supports Radius accounting and accounting update
-ŒŒ Supports statistic on total transmission encountered and transmitting error occurred

Hardware Specification
-ŒŒ Uplink Port: 1x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet with IEEE802.3af PoE (as PD)
-ŒŒ 2x N-type (female) connector for external antenna
-ŒŒ Protective vent window
-ŒŒ Form factor: wall or Pole mountable
-ŒŒ Metal case: IP68 rating
- Physical and Power
-ŒŒ Total power consumption: 12W maximum
-ŒŒ Support IEEE 802.3at PD
-ŒŒ Form factor: wall or pole mount
-ŒŒ Dimension (WxDxH): 182*111*45mm (not include antenna)
-ŒŒ Weight: 900g (only the IWF5210)

Environmental Specification
-ŒŒ Humidity 95 % (non-condensing)
-ŒŒ Operating Temperature: -25 ~+70° C
-ŒŒ Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +80° C
-ŒŒ RoHS compliant

Package Contents
-ŒŒ IWF 5210 x 1
-ŒŒ CD-ROM (with User’s Manual and QIG) x 1
-ŒŒ Mounting Kit x 1
-ŒŒ Round cable x 1
-ŒŒ PSE 30W with power cord x1

IWF 5210-US (P/N: 10T00521000X0)
IWF 5210-EU (P/N: 10T00521001X0)
IWF 5210-JP (P/N: 10T00521002X0)

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