nROK 5500 - Computo Industrial

Main Features

nROK series is targeted for the rolling stock market with special design scheme to meet the criteria of installation in the vehicle on the rolling stock. They pass numerous environmental tests and are compliant EN50155 standard. Rapid transit system, metropolitan rail, commuter rail, high speed rail, tram, and train will make the best use of nROK.

nROK 5500 series also offer the powerful computing platform with rack mount form factor to install in the cabinet. It is packed with the eight PoE LAN ports and multiple storage bays with SATA interface and RAID capability for large media program. I/O connections are securely fixed with locks, averting system breakdown caused by loose ends. Wireless communication design is reserved to supports GPS function and WiFi and WWAN connection.

-ŒŒ Intel® Core™ i7 3517UE 1.7GHz

Main Chipset
ŒŒ Intel® QM77 chipsets Memory
ŒŒ 2GB DDR3 1333MHz SODIMM with ECC (up to 16GB)

-ŒŒ 2 x Mini-PCIe socket (PCIe + USB) for WLAN option
-ŒŒ 1 x Mini-PCIe socket (USB) for 3.5G module option
-ŒŒ 1 x GPS or GPS with dead reckoning option

I/O Interface-Front
-ŒŒ 7 x LED for power, storage, WWAN, WLAN, GPS, LAN1 and LAN2
-ŒŒ Power on/ off switch
-ŒŒ The system rest button
-ŒŒ 2 x 10/ 100/ 1000 Ethernet with M12 connector and support iAMT8.0
-ŒŒ 8 x 10/100/1000 PoE LAN with M12 connector and support IEEE802.3af (Optional with LED, LAN hub switch, Max 60W)
-ŒŒ 2 x USB 3.0 type A connector
-ŒŒ 2 x USB 2.0 with M12 connector
-ŒŒ 1 x DB15 VGA connector
-ŒŒ 2 x HDMI connector
-ŒŒ 2 x DB9 RS-232 connector (Isolation optional)
-ŒŒ 1 x DB9 RS-422/ 485 connector (Isolation optional)
-ŒŒ 1 x DB9 female connector for 4GPI and 4GPO connector (Isolation optional)
- Digital Input (source type: 0~30V)
- Digital Output (sink type: 20mA max)
-ŒŒ 1 x Line-in, 1 x Line-out, 1 x Mic-in

I/O Interface-Rear
-ŒŒ Power DC Input
-ŒŒ 5 x Antenna holes for WWAN/ WLAN/ GPS/ BT

Expandable Storage
-ŒŒ 4 x 2.5" SATA SSD removable tray

Power Management
-ŒŒ Status of ignition check by software
-ŒŒ Setting 8 level on/off delay time by software

Operating System
-ŒŒ Windows Embedded Standard 7

System Dimension
-ŒŒ 482.6mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 88mm (H) (19" x 15.75" x 3.46")

-ŒŒ Sheet metal with heat sink

-ŒŒ Operating temperatures Ambient with air: -40°C to 70°C (EN50155 Class TX)
-ŒŒ Storage temperatures: -40°C to 80°C
- Damp heat test: 55°C, 95% RH (non-operating, EN 50155)
-ŒŒ Relative humidity: 0% to 90% (non-condensing)
ŒŒ Vibration (random) :
- Compliance with EN61373 Category 1 Class B
ŒŒ Shock:
- Compliance with EN61373 Category 1 Class B

Ingress Protection
-ŒŒ IP40 rating
Standards/ Certifications
-ŒŒ FCC Class A
-ŒŒ Compliance with EN50155

nROK 5500-FC8 (P/N:10A00550000X0 )
- Intel® Core™ i7 3517UE fanless rackmount railway computer with 8-channel PoE and 110VDC isolation power input
nROK 5500-F (P/N: TBD)
- Intel® Core™ i7 3517UE fanless rackmount railway computer and 110VDC isolation power input